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How we are Helping Start-ups and Large organization's to trim down IT Costs by 50 to 60 Percent

A wide range of fundamentally sound and an array of effective approaches are already in use for meeting the IT needs of an organization. Some organizations keep the function completely in-house. Others choose to outsource all aspects of IT to a partner to concentrate more on the business side. Many fall somewhere in between.

Ndimension Labs’ Managed IT Services and Outsourcing solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations that choose to partner for some or all of their ongoing IT needs.

For organizations that are considering engaging a partner for their entire spectrum of IT needs, Ndimension Labs’ IT Outsourcing offering is a proven, comprehensive means for reducing IT costs, increasing the value that IT provides to the organization and delivering better support for end users.

For organizations looking to partner around specific ongoing needs such as development of web application/ mobile apps, system administration & management, digital marketing end user helpdesk, or IT strategy/ technical support, Ndimension Labs’s Managed IT Services solutions can be structured to meet your specific needs.

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Managed IT Services & Outsourcing

Whether an organization is managing IT in-house or uses a managed services provider, outsourcing IT to Ndimension Labs will reduce IT costs, improve visibility, and result in better support for end users.
Ndimension Labs' Outsourced IT offering provides organizations with access to all of the IT infrastructure, service, and expertise they really need at an unsurprising and reasonable price. Unlike other providers, Ndimension Labs truly offers an all-in service delivery model, which includes:
  • Support and ownership for your mission-critical business applications, including packaged software and any custom software or applications that you maintain in-house
  • Management of all technology and communications infrastructure used by your organization
  • Unlimited help desk and support for troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise for end users
  • Discounted rates for one-off IT projects that you may choose to undertake outside of the scope of the outsourcing contract

Ndimension Labs is focused on ensuring your business to have a comprehensive IT solution in place that supports the objectives and needs of your business. Organizations choose Ndimension Labs as an outsourced IT partner because Ndimension Labs:
  • Trims down an organization's IT costs by 50 to 60 percent
  • Offers truly unlimited support with no monthly maximums or overage charges for helpdesk or break/fix hours
  • Recommends and implements technology solutions best fit for your organization
  • Has the breadth and depth of technical talent to meet any and all of their technology needs, including custom software/web applications, database administration, mobile and alternative devices/technologies and digital marketing

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