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Truly Bespoke Process for Our Global Customers

Hassle Free Process In Place For Our Customers
Ndimension Labs have always been committed and devoted in the deployment of the best process both helping our customers to get the quality results and making things easier. Our understanding about our customers’ reluctance in indulging themselves in technical intricacies to achieve sought-after results has resulted into setting up of a streamlined process understood by one and all.

Communication & Consultation
Ndimension Labs believes Great Communication is the most important characteristic for success as a software development company. For most people this may sound counterintuitive. Don’t engineers spend all day coding? Actually, a big part of the day-to-day job of software engineering is not spent knee-deep in code but rather working with a variety of folks across the company.

It is of supreme importance to understand the way of business, current circumstance & challenges confronted with the business. This necessitates to provide the right answer to conquer the current troubles taking into account the experience utilizing the right innovation. Hence communicating and discussing the solution with the set of examples so as to clear our customer’s confusion. The output of this part is a collection of business requirements through a series of meeting and discussion.

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Proven and Tested Process Ensures Business Continuity and Reliability

Documenting The Proposal
Based on the initial discussion, the Account Manager and the Business Analyst assigned to the customer prepare a well informative technical proposal with relevant information describing our offerings with a fixed Time Frame & Cost. The proposal helps the customers to analyze our understanding on the scope of work. We believe in complete transparency and so finalize the proposal mutually. Several versions of the technical document are framed to finally zero in on the final version of the document, as clients and the project stakeholders at the clients’ end change, add and update the document during this process.

Mockups & Designs
Based on the initial communication and proposal drafted, we get the idea of design concepts. Our designing team works on drafting a Mockup based on the clients’ taste of design, current business industry, Competitor analysis and end-user requirements. Designers spend good time in doing the research and analyzing the right design for the customer that helps in making the correct Mockup for the approval without any delays. We always appreciate client's feedback and requests to make the mockup successful. Multiple iterations are done to satisfy the clients’ changes. Once the design is approved by the customer, we do the basic HTML development. We make websites W3C compiled and responsive for the mobile friendly environment.

Programming & Development
Once the HTML for the home page is completed by the designing team and then approved by the clients and team, it is forwarded to the developers to start coding. We do not waste any time by collaborating the designing and development team work together that helps in building the any application very fast. The core development team codes as per the functionality discussed in the approved proposal. We always divide the functional requirement of the project into phases so as to keep the client updated with the progress of the project.

Testing & Bug Removal
Though unit testing is done before each update reaches the client, the role of our QA team actually starts just after the completion of development phase. Upon the completion of the application, testing team gets involved to make the project bug free and fully workable. Testing team sends out report to the designing and the development team working on the project to remove any bugs/issues seen by the testing team. This process makes our projects ready to be deployed on the server of the client.

The final step is to deploy the apps on the client’s server. The deployment is done by the technical team and all the required changes are made on the client’s server to make everything working fine. Any bugs after the deployment are taken care by the assigned designing & development team. Ndimension Labs provides with 100 days of Free Technical Support and Online Consultation after the deployment and final delivery of a project.

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