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In order to achieve this vision, employees need to strongly align with their company’s values and mission.Without a goal, a company has no motivation. Goals are the road map that keeps everyone on course, and startups and corporations alike have figured that out.

List of goals set needs to simple and plain.

  • Clear: There should be no business jargon or crazy acronyms in the goal. Plain English that anyone can understand is best.
  • Ambitious: The goal should be bold and exciting, something for people to rally around. Not impossible to reach, but still aggressive.
  • Inclusive: Everyone in the company needs to understand how they contribute to each goal. Otherwise, employees can lose motivation and clarity.
  • Defined: Goals need to have specific metrics and deadlines to be effective. Don’t be too detailed, but at least make sure you know what success looks like.

Work through a company vision that is front-and-center in the workplace:

1. Reinforce the company vision by tying it to the team and individual goals.

The vision statement of any company should be tied to achievable goals for employees. Framing the company vision in this manner will make it an integral part of the day-to-day experience. Everyone from the employees to the CEO should be feeding into the system to push the company toward its goal.

2. Promote the company vision by always making sure it’s visible.

The vision statement needs to be a constant focal point. In order for the vision to be visible to employees everywhere, it needs to be concise and relatable to every employee at every level.

3. Share success stories that realize the company vision.

Success people in  2015 North America Workforce report found that 60 percent of employees didn’t know their company’s vision and goal. This is the alarming situation and the positive impact a vision statement has on the workforce.

To instill a passion for the company’s purpose, the best leaders in the world hold managers accountable for addressing employees’ basic engagement needs.

The vision statement should be aspirational by laying out the company’s primary goals. Most important, the goals outlined in the vision statement should be specific so that employees can easily remember them and align them with their daily activities.

Creating a company strategy is the final step in this process. Defining the vision and mission are critical part of success.


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