Global demand for major household appliances is projected to grow 3.8 percent annually through 2017 to 430 million units.
“Website, Mobile APP and Blog posts are designed to answer questions consumers ask daily,

”What is the newest, best product or how do products compare head-to-head, as well as what problems you want to avoid. We don’t shy away from issues.Consumers who buy appliances are essentially data-driven. They’re constantly looking for price match guarantees, iron clad warranties and lots of product reviews. Essentially, in the age of information, we know how to do our homework. Therefore, it is actually easier to align your appliance marketing with the consumer’s wants and needs. They need to be more efficient not only in using the appliance, but finding it. Make it easier for them. Here are some ideas on how to do so:
1. Provide product feedback on your product landing pages. Sally from Indiana has a family like mine and loves this dishwasher.
2. Create relevant landing pages that cater to the long-tail researcher. Take me to the right place.
3. Provide comparison scorecards among your products on-site. Explain (quickly) why X and Y dryers are different.
4. Offer video tutorials of cleaning tips or troubleshooting for the appliances. Don’t make me call a 1-800 number.
5. Make it all mobile-friendly. I’m on the go, your brand should be too.

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