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Business Concept:

At ICED OUT BIZ, users will find an exclusive and extravagant assortment of products that are best in quality and reasonably priced. Browse through the huge selection of Bling Bling & Hip Hop Jewellery, Shamballas, Necklaces and Pendants, Watches, Rings and lots more that are excellent in quality and in many styles. The one stop shop to all things blingy.


  • The website supports 3 languages- English, French and German.
  • Safe and secure online payments.
  • Easy returns.
  • Fast Delivery.

Technology Implementation:

  • Designed using HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), Ionic.
  • JavaScript used for client side server.
  • Shopware used to create professional online shop.
  • Page uses viewport metatag which means the content maybe optimised.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Amazon pay, PayPal used for payments.
  • Server- Apache Web Server


image service

image service

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