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How Ndimension Labs is Helping Organizations with CMS Solutions

A website is no better than its its content and functionality.

Content Management Systems or CMS are, simply put, can be defined as a set of tool allowing you to control and manage your website with sheer ease.

It was way back in 2005 we started delivering website content management system (CMS) solutions. CMS being an inseparable part of a website, we thought about developing our own feature-rich CMS. It is of utmost importance that our clients are enabled to publish content quickly and easily. Our primary goal is to ensure this.

Why you will use our Content Management Systems? Advanced yet easy-to-use what you can term our CMS:

Customers are empowered to author and thus to publish web standards compliant content ensuring a consistent user experience.

This reduces the cost of ownership associated with running business websites requiring frequent changes.

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Ndimension Labs offer clients proven experience in core Content Management Systems including

Our Content Management System is modular by design. This enables bespoke modules to be developed allowing the platform to integrate with any mainstream internal IT systems. Highly scalable; it was designed from the ground up and built on industry proven PHP, Codeigniter Framework, and MySQL technologies.

This CMS has been built keeping in mind it is be search engine "SEO" friendly to provide access to search engine relevant Metadata fields.

Ndimension Labs' direct access to all the latest technologies can make your dream a commercial reality. What's more, as a Client of Ndimension Labs, you will also benefit from our excellent professional relationships with all the major players and providers like Magento, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, to name here.

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