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Helping Organizations with Enterprise Portal Development Solutions

In technological world Change is the only constant. Today it is the time of digital world, when most of the companies opt to invest in IT and specifically web enablement automated systems. Enterprise portals play a very crucial role at this point in time. Organization find it at extreme ease to manage and control its employees and customers who are far more organized, connected and streamlined in an advanced environment of the enterprise portals.

An enterprise portal is successful, when it never fails to offer all the internal and external users of an organization an integrated, personalized and secure web interface for their business information, services and applications.

Ndimension Labs develops effective Enterprise portals to ease the life of clients in various businesses. A full-cycle service and project activities support we offer to our clients. These include consultation and business analysis, process modelling, portal architecture design, UI design and prototyping, Data modelling, data flow modelling and data base design &integration.

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Ndimension Labs Offer Clients Proven Experience in Enterprise Portal Development Including

Our services also include deployment and stabilization, maintenance and support, continuous improvement and portal integration with business applications like CRM, ERP, School Management System, Project Management System, SaaS Applications etc.

Our Enterprise Portal Development Services & Solutions also includes:

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