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How Ndimension Labs is Helping Organizations with ERP Solutions

NDL is not an another IT Software development agency, we’re an expert technology agency. There’s a huge difference.

At NDL, we implement Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP in stages, and a lot of software is now Web-based. ERP system software ties together the distributed internal and external management information of an organization as a whole, helped by several functions including finance embracing, sales, manufacture, accounting, and lot more. NDL offers the following ERP solution modules: Sales, Staff and Project Managemnet, Product Planning, Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping and many more.
Besides, NDL has partnered with a number of reputed ERP software providers to assist our clients in integration of their online and back office systems. NDL consultants will show you the path ahead on selecting the right ERP system for your organization and business vertical. Thus an appropriate solution will be identified and then an effective ERP system software product will be implemented by meeting the business requirements.

This year, an overwhelming majority of organizations (93%) customized their software to some degree. NDL too belongs to this major section.

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