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Uplift Education brings to you a student friendly environment where students are provided interactive tutorial classes by qualified and experienced teachers.The coaching centre specialises in English, Mathematics, Science and Economics, providing classes from year 7-12. Uplift Education has provided academic coaching and mentorship to over 2000 students since 2011. Their students consistently score 95+ ATAR results and our teachers and academic mentors have over 100 years combined experience.


  • The coaching class offers a range of courses from year 7-12.
  • Interactive and informative sessions for students.
  • Courses start at 20$ per hour.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers present with state ranking and 99+ATAR.
  • Subjects taught- English, Mathematics, Science & Economics.
  • Book a trial lesson before enrolment.



  • Design using HTML5, CSS3, Angular
  • Scripting language is PHP 5.6 with JavaScript, JQuery as client side script.
  • Backend is done on MYSQL database.
  • Server is running on Linux OS with Apache as Web Server.

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