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About Rebate

Rebate is the first application in Kuwait that provides legitimate and real discounts for most of your medical needs. The reductions apply to both the medicine and services that the healthcare industry and the medical industry offer.

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Rebate app Splashscreen
Rebate app Splashscreen
Rebate app Splashscreen
Rebate app Splashscreen

What is the purpose of Rebate?

Rebate helps obtain medical discounts and have a direct stress-free transaction system. This shall lessen the expense pressure on patients and allow them to access all kinds of medical needs from pharmacies, medical experts, and medical centers as well.

Rebate’s user purpose:

  • The user shall acquire the discounts that are fixed by the vendor in the application.
  • The highest discounted percentage offer shall be on the top list of categories that are fixed by the vendor. This provides the user with a pool of options that helps them choose the best for them.
  • There is a personalized QR code provided to the user that can be scanned directly to pay your invoice through your mobile.
  • The payment is never put on hold by the app since the user may deposit the payments instantly into the vendor’s bank account.
  • Any personal information about the payment is only kept if the user shall allow it. The payment data is only stored with the permission of the user.
  • Regular updates and notifications from the application appear on the user’s phone with the most recent offers.

Rebate’s vendor purpose:

  • The application downloaded by the vendor can capture all the customer details by scanning their QR code or by entering the customer ID.
  • The vendor shall create a profile for their staff which can be further used by them to use the vendor app and interact with the customers.
  • The application can create invoices that make the payment process relaxing for both the user and the vendor.
  • Rebate aid the vendor to keep a tab on their customer’s transaction history, payment history and Invoice history.


What were the project challenges?

1. Synchronized Data Management

The relevance of data integrity, continuity, and security is rising as the cloud swiftly develops into a gateway for an unparalleled amount of data. Even seemingly insignificant data glitches or errors can have a significant adverse effect on revenue, decision-making, and client satisfaction. However, Rebate overcame this squabble and made a stress-free method for both the vendor and the user.

2. Payment Gateway permission

Simply said, a payment gateway is a barrier through which digital purchases are carried out. It creates a safe channel for communication between the buyer and the vendor. Then, it offers a secure conduit for the client to submit their information and finish the purchase. This is a value addition in the Rebate application that makes the transaction process straightforward.

What was the development process?

We began the project by gaining an understanding of the problem faced by consumers when they pay bills for medical expenses. The development strategy we had to use to construct Rebate required to have a high level of the inbuilt security system.

Our team encountered various difficulties along the way, which enhanced the project’s immersion and effectiveness. The primary ones were enabling a secured and trusted internal transaction process and the second issue that we solved was giving discounts from 5% up to 30% to its users.

What are the solution and the results?

Trying to navigate the complexities wasn’t simple. However, we handled it delicately. All praise goes to our talented team for meeting the challenging requirements of the venture.

Here is a general summary of the important issues that Rebate concentrated on and deftly handled:

  • Discounts: It solves the issue of unnecessary money spent on medical bills.
  • Reputable medical facilities: Rebate chooses and selects the best of the best to provide you with a requirement that you desire.
  • Trouble-free tracking: It gives vendors a platform to get listed and increase sales and provides an easy way to track and manage customers.
  • Provides a categorical list: The users can choose from the options of medical facilities providing higher discounts.
  • Covers most medical needs: Rebate has covered your medical expenses in all different hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, and pharmacies.
  • Direct payment: It solves the issue of your money being kept on hold as it is an automatic process that directly transfers into the vendor’s bank account.
  • Future consultations: Rebate application shall also provide doctor consultations and on-call nursing services in the future.


Rebate is not just an application but a high-value business solution for the healthcare industry.

We verified that everything functioned properly after incorporating the aforementioned features, recoded where necessary, and ran security scenarios to ensure a bug-free launch. Its unique features and different categories make Rebate a prominent growth for the industry.

Ndimension Labs helped Rebate build a digital platform to increase their merchant onboarding

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