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Truly Bespoke Process For Our Global Customers

Hassle Free Process In Place For Our Customers:

Ndimension Labs have always been committed and devoted in the deployment of the best process both helping our customers to get the quality results and making things easier. Our understanding about our customers’ reluctance in indulging themselves in technical intricacies to achieve sought-after results has resulted into setting up of a streamlined process understood by one and all.

Communication & Consultation:

Ndimension Labs believes Great Communication is the most important characteristic for success as a software development company. A big part of the day-to-day job of software engineering is not spent knee-deep in code but rather working with a variety of folks across the company.

It is of supreme importance to understand the current circumstance & challenges confronted with the business. This necessitates to provide the right answer to conquer the current troubles taking into account the experience utilizing the right innovation. Hence communicating and discussing the solution with the set of examples so as to clear our customer’s confusion. The output of this part is a collection of business requirements through a series of meeting and discussion.

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Proven And Tested Process Ensures Business Continuity And Reliability


In order to develop fully functional digital application, we do plan and create a blueprint of the application. We try to understand what challenges our customer might face throughout the entire process, and create a realistic project plan.


This particular phase involves scrutinizing whether your project is feasible. Taking notes of further requirements or challenges you might face while each development phase.

Application Design:

This phase involves marking out the entire architecture of the application and creating a layout that acts as a base for next phase. It also helps in knowing what exact hardware is needed to successfully run the system.


Like the name suggests, it involves transforming a design into code by programmers.

Testing and Software Deployment:

Once the code has been developed, it undergoes several testing phases that determine whether the product is working as per original specifications. Beta Phase, involves the product being passed over to the clients, in order to get valuable customer feedback. Any bugs or glitches experienced during this phase will be fixed.


Last but not the least, maintenance is the phase that involves after sales services and support provided by the developers to clients or end users.



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Projects completed
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