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Custom cms development services

We are a trusted name in CMS web development services. Be it custom CMS modules and functionality extensions or full-blown content-enabled applications, NDimension Labs puts customers first.

ndimension labs: streamlining cms development solutions

A website is only as good as its content and functionality. CMS, or content management systems facilitate easy management of websites.

NDimension Labs started its journey as a digital engagement company in 2016 with the primary goal of enabling our clients to publish content quickly and easily through a feature-rich CMS. Our CMS is designed to facilitate easy usage through advanced technologies.

Through our CMS web development services, we ensure consistent user experience by encouraging our clients to author and publish content, in compliance with web standards. in turn, costs of business operations, pertaining to website management, is reduced drastically.


A cms development company combining experience and quality

Ndimension Labs is a CMS website development company with proven experience in core content management systems. These include CMS web design services like:

  • PSD to theme conversion
  • Website migration
  • Website maintenance
  • WCMS
  • Collaboration and administration tools
  • Digital content management for text, images, video, audio, and multimedia

We bring to you modular CMS designs that can integrate modules with any mainstream internal IT systems. The modules are highly scalable and built on industry proven PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, and MySQL technologies.

All CMS website development at Ndimension Labs are undertaken to make content more SEO-friendly so that relevant metadata fields can be easily accessed.

Moreover, our direct access to all the latest technologies and partnerships with the leading professionals and enterprises in the field can immensely benefit you, as a customer. Our esteemed and reliable partners include major players like:


Powering more than 35% of the world’s websites, WP is a free and open-source CMS. It is written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.


The e-commerce plugin for WP, WooCommerce is ideally suited for online merchants, small to large. It is easy to install and customizable.


An open-source CMS ideal for e-commerce, Magento is written in PHP.


Easy to set up, this freely accessible CMS can be used on any host that supports PHP and MySQL.

Custom Theme Development:

With this theme-based CMS, easily customize the appearance of your website.


Simplify the process of running your e-commerce website with the Shopify suite. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Benefits of custom cms

Custom CMS solutions are tailored to your specific business needs. These require technical expertise and knowledge that Ndimension Labs can easily offer. Here are some great reasons for you to invest in a custom CMS:

  • Seamless Integration: A bespoke CMS can be easily integrated into your organization’s web design and digital marketing strategy, without disrupting your existing content goals and business processes.
  • Empowered Marketing: Create programs that are user-friendly for varied teams to navigate easily.
  • Easy Scaling: With a custom CMS, your company’s existing digital content strategies can be easily scaled using more multimedia content or integration of new APIs.
  • Alignment of Metrics: Configure metrics, such as website traffic or engagement, and improve them (if needed) through custom CMS tracking.



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