Our mission at Ndimension's is to enhance everyone's digital experience by providing business with innovative and versatile solutions. We take that mission seriously, and strive to accomplish it better each day.


Our Team Structure

Our Development Team is divided into functional & technical groups depending on the team member’s experience and skill sets. Role assignments are made according to the process selected for the given project. A project team consists of the following groups as per project requirement:

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Unified, We Deliver

NDL believes in team culture and hence has imparted this phenomena to the core of the entire NDL corporate component.We assign a close-weaved team comprising of all the stakeholders with multidisciplinary work force to co-ordinate with clients.Our functional process aligns, motivates and empowers team members at all levels to deliver a satisfying customer experience.Our experienced IT and Digital professionals have the fire in their belly to develop quality applications of any difficulty-level and deliver the best.It’s our hard work, innovation, commitment to excellence, timely project delivery and unfailing dedication that has helped us to earn the accolades of our esteems clients.


Our Development Team’s Responsibilities

Project teams are formed on a components-and-roles basis, i.e., experts that belong to various functional teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if the scope of the project demands.

This principle of organizing project teams with the right experts enables the fastest development life cycle resulting in increased ROI for our customers.







Our Clients and Associates

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