Do you ever wonder how much it took to replace desktops with laptops? There was a time when desktop was a household fad. But within a span of 10-12 years with space-crunch at home and #mobility becoming the trend, laptops took over. Now the onus is on the smartphones that eventually substituted laptops in about 730 days. Penetration rate being so high, experts are believed to opine in the favor of mobile phones to be outshining most of the gadgets being used. Let’s see what Forbes & IDC has in store. A 10 years’ study bears a clear testimony to the fact:

Among 91% of #US mobile phone users 61% uses smartphones & that number is growing everyday. It is assumed that by 2017 10 billion internet users will be solely accessing internet using their smartphones. The mobile apps market must grow accordingly to sustain the speed and cater to huge number of audience worldwide. So if you are not having one mobile app for your business, well, the market says it’s time.
As per another survey, #Google Play passed over 50 billion app download and it houses more than a million apps. The figure is equally impressive in Apple where 75 billion app download has been reported with more than 1.2 billion apps in their store. The same upscale trend is observed for lesser known Windows market as well. By 2017 it is assumed every 3 apps will have integrated payment system in order to make it easier for their users during in-app purchases. In app purchase will account for 48% app store revenue by 2017. Not only the smart phones, smart wearable devices are getting popular too, leading by Apple Watch.

In this current scenario, are you thinking of connecting maximum users and get a high turnaround? #Mobile phones are the most personalized medium as per study. Each user spends 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile phones – more than twice the time they spend eating. 75 per cent of the globe now has a mobile phone offering access to internet.
Not only the consumers or the business sectors, this surge in mobile app market needs experienced developers as well to build for you a professional business app which will give dividend in quick turn-around time. As per current US national average salary survey mobile app developers are one of the top paid resources with $100,000 – $144,000 average salary. It needs no brain to figure out that it’s going to grow in coming years.
It is a proven fact that the world is inclined to embrace Mobile phones, with US, Europe & Asia heavily spending on mobile technology and growing exponentially. It’s high time for the businesses relying only on websites should shift their obligation to #Mobile apps. Your revenue growth is always mounting since you have taken refuge at the most crowded industry i.e. Mobile Apps.

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